Statement of the Honorary President of UkrAVTO Corporation

Automobile industry belongs to basic economic sectors of the country. Level of economic development and public welfare depends directly on the level of development of automobile industry.

Such companies as UkrAVTO Corporation and Zaporizhzhya Motor Works contribute to the prosperity of

domestic automobile industry and country in common. UkrAVTO Corporation is one of the first-rate employers in the country, because one job in the automobile industry creates tens of jobs in other branches. UkrAVTO Corporation provides jobs for more than 20 thousand employees and their families.  Actualizing substantial investment in staff development, UkrAVTO Corporation offers its employees opportunities for professional and competent advancement. Due to considerable volume of sales and car production UkrAVTO Corporation is one of major budget-making enterprises of each region the country as a whole. Thousands of Ukrainians, employed at UkrAVTO Corporation have been socially protected and have a favorite job as well as stable income. Due to high quality, reliability and ecological compatibility of our cars they compete with foreign brands not only at the domestic market but also abroad. Thousands of new jobs, permanent assessment to budget and weighty contribution to the development of domestic automobile industry define UkrAVTO Corporation as a socially responsible company.

Sincerely yours,

Tariel Vasadze

Honorаry President of UkrAVTO

Ukrainian People’s Deputy


UkrAVTO Corporation is a leader of the Ukrainian motor car market. Introducing the newest business methods, advanced technologies of diagnostics, production and car repairs, the Corporation provides stability and reliability for its numerous clients and partners.



UkrAVTO is the largest automobile manufacturer  (and the only having full-scale production technology), the greatest distributor and  supplier of maintenance services in Ukraine.

Successful long-term cooperation of UkrAVTO with Daimler AG, Маserati S.P.A., General Motors, Adam Opel, Nissan, Toyota and AvtoVAZ.

Great potential of growth both in the home market and in the foreign one.

Relatively low level of fixed and variable costs.

State support of the Ukrainian motor-car industry development.



Priority Aims

Revival and further development of home motor car construction.

Development of automobile industry as a whole.

Making of new working places.

Increase in profitableness and business differentiation of the group.

Development of the structure that covers a complete cycle of automobile operation: manufacture of component parts, production, logistics, sale, maintenance, supplying with spare parts, retail materials and accessories, providing financial services, insurance.


Means of their achievement

Attraction of new partners from among the dynamic international corporations.

Access to new technologies.

Access to new production distribution markets.

Expansion and updating of product range that corresponds to the product market (EU and CIS countries).

Development of UkrAVTO enterprises (in Poland and Ukraine) specialized in production of component parts through access to the network of the partner companies supplies.

Modernization and increase in production capacity.


Lines of Activity


Distribution and Firm Service
  • ZAZ
  • Chevrolet
  • Opel
  • Mercedes-Benz
  • Маserati
  • Chrylsler /Jeep/Dodge
  • Lada
  • Land Mark
  • Chery
  • Buses and trucks
  • Spare parts and accessories
  • Equipment for service centres
  • Export
  • Automobiles
  • Component and spare parts
Own Sale and Service Network
  • Dealer’s centres
  • Service centres
  • Fuel stations




Cooperation of the Corporation with such automobile giants as  Daimler AG, General Motors, Toyota, Nissan, Renault and establishment of the specialized enterprises in UkrAVTO structure enables it to produce, sell and serve model lines of Mercedes-Benz, Маserati, Chrysler, Jeep, Opel, Toyota, Nissan automobile trademarks known all over the world.

Being regulated during many years of home motor car production, cooperation with the Ukrainian manufacturers of assembling and component parts helps harmonious and purposeful development of home automobile market. The amount of such partners for today exceeds an impressive figure of 800.

Production and maintenance of automobiles require the adjusted supply cycle of spare parts to all UkrAVTO Corporation’s enterprises. ZipAVTO Company that provides UkrAVTO enterprises with spare parts, accessories, auto electronics, additional equipment and paints offers production of 90 world famous trademarks of spare parts manufacturers. Among them are Castrol, BP, Mobil, Esso, Bosch, VARTA, BASF, GLASURIT, Fram, SONY, JVC, Kenwood, Pioneer, Mult-T-Lock, Continental, Bosal, Bilstein, Ruville, SWAG, Tectyl etc.

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