Real Care Service

SOS Program Introduction

sos At the beginning of 2006 in order to provide loyalty to the clients and improve service conditions at UkrAVTO dealers’ enterprises, UkrAVTO marketing department approved a resolution on SOS Program introduction (Real Service Care).

Before introduction of the program the forms of public materials and documents (layouts of leaflets, posters, a site page, form of questionnaires etc.) were developed, the persons responsible for the program at the distributors’ and dealers’ enterprises were assigned, a «hot line» was provided, and special designs for responses were developed.


SOS Program Functioning Mechanism

The clients’ responses arrive in the Information Centre by the following ways:


Hot line: 0 800–507–717

UkrAVTO Information Service e-mail:


During SOS program functioning more than 500 responses have been received, most of them arrived via e-mail and Web site.