UkrAVTO Corporation owns the most extensive service network in Ukraine for about 170 service centers all over the country.Among them are branded stations that specialize in operating individual brand cars, and universal stations that operate multiple brands. Ourstationsperformamaximumrangeofautoservice:


Regulationcheckup (scheduledcheckup),

Current car maintenance (nodes, units and systems),

Warranty servicing,

Installation of additional equipment and tuning,

After accidental car repair,

Tow away service,

Instrumental control for official checkup;

Bosch fuel systems repair and troubleshooting at the branded Bosch Service station.


Regulation checkup (scheduled checkup)


 is auto servicepack age for proper car maintenance


Current car maintenance


 is malfunction removal for proper technical maintenanceby means of replacing damaged parts and furtherdisrepair shooting using repair technologies.

Warranty servicing

is operating of malfunction removal of car body, varnish-and-paint coating, spare parts or accessories, generated by material deficiency or by manufacturing process.If such deficiency is covered by the warranty, warranty servicing is performed free in accordance with the warranty terms.


Installation of additional equipment and tuning

is mounting of additional devices,improvement or variation of interior and exterior,further processing and the rest(intruder alarm, parking sensors, audio and video devices, antenna, antitheft devices, motor protection,windows tinting,anticorrosive body processing,gas equipment,mounted boots etc.)



After accidental car repair  

is reconditioning of car body and its spare parts, varnish-and-paint coating, replacing of damaged parts, straightening, welding, body geometry fixing and spare parts painting.There is cooperation with insurance companies in the process of losses settlement: examination of the damaged car, calculation of repair costs, coordination of calculation, assignment of the necessary documents and specific technical information for insurance company.



Tow away service

is loading and car transportation in case of breakdown or accident.


Instrumental control for official checkup

is a series of test and measurement operationsand checkup act preparation forreceipt of motor vehicle registration cardat State Motor Vehicle Inspectorate.

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