Car remedies service action starting at UkrAVTO network

Car remedies service action starting at UkrAVTO network  

New service action named Car Remedy has started on the 15th of March at UkrAVTO service network. All the car owners have the possibility to treat their cars and hereby save a considerable amount of money.

One feels exhausted by long-term winter time.  It’s not only a human being but a car needs adequate renovation and detailed improvement.

Taking intensive care about the safety of its customers, UkrAVTO Corporation has already prepared the best car remedy for the car owners.

Thus, visiting one of more than 200 UkrAVTO service stations within period from the 15th of March till the 30th of April, customers can have their cars profitably examined and therefore save considerably amount of money for the treatment.

Each client will receive a full range of diagnostic examination per only 180 UAH .* Highly qualified personnel at certified UkrAVTO service centers will provide your car with professional treatment while checking the running gear, exterior lighting, fluid level, heating system, climate control, and paint film as well as render assistance as for the car diagnosing. In case of identifying deficiencies, each client receives a discount of 20% for repair.

Besides there are two proposals for the car owners. STAG turnkey implementation (Poland) and registration will cost you only 5 500 UAH, as well as conditioner for Lanos/Sens with further installation is just 4,999 UAH.

Car remedy service action includes automobile brands like KIA, Opel, Chevrolet, Chery, ZAZ, LADA, TATA and JAC, represented at UkrAVTO network.

For additional information please contact hotline 0800507717 or visit www.ukravto.ua 


     UkrAVTO Corporation owns the most extensive service network in Ukraine. It is more than 200 service stations located within the entire territory of the country. Among them are branded stations that specialize in servicing of individual brands as well as universal services. UkrAVTO service centers are equipped with the latest technological equipment and highly qualified personnel. Currently UkrAVTO prepossesses over one million of clients that are satisfied with the level of our service.


*Servicing at a special price of 180 UAH is possible only:

  1. On condition that deficiencies won’t be found during checkup;
  2. On the understanding that troubleshooting will be provided at UkrAVTO service network.

Provided that a client doesn’t want to have his/her car serviced at UkrAVTO network, the client pays the full cost of the works according to enterprise pricing.

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