Spring profitable credit conditions for Lanos and Sens

Spring profitable credit conditions for Lanos and Sens 

           Spring profitable credit action has started initiated by distribution company AvtoZAZ Service that is a member of UkrAVTO Corporation and its partner Astra Bank. It is advantageous to purchase Lanos and Sens on spring profitable terms from the 15th of March. Under these conditions the car becomes your property after cash payment at the rate of only 10% of its value. In addition, loan can be repaid in the course of 7 years.

Affordable ZAZ cars have become this spring even more moderate. You can be convinced of the fact personally:

The maximum credit term    Prepayment            Interest rate      Processing fee

12 months                                           

24 months                         

36 months                                          10%                             5,5%                        1,7%

48 months                         

60 months                                                        

84 months

We recall that ZAZ brand synonyms are reliability, stability, reasonable price, consistent quality, constant development and customer orientation. All these qualities make ZAZ brand popular in all respects.

Despite its strong position and striking popularity of Lanos, Sens and Lanos Pick-Up the manufacturer does not stunt and takes care of Ukrainian car owners. The above mentioned cars are devoted boosters in the family and reliable partners in business, as well as trouble-free vehicles for both urban driving and long journey. Moreover, they’re adapted actually to Ukrainian conditions. Sens has acquired recently several advantages like air conditioning and steering intensifier. One of these options will be useful during summer time for all car owners, the other one will be appreciated by women. Therefore, anyone who was rather afraid of getting a heatstroke in the middle of the road in summer or got tired of turning the wheel:  the news is just for you!

Car acquisition as well as support manning gives pleasure for Lanos and Sens owners, because distribution company Avtozaz-Service has the most extensive dealer network in Ukraine and is a member of UkrAVTO Corporation. Service stations experts provide timely qualified service support within the entire territory of Ukraine. Dealership list can be found at http://www.lanos-ua.com/dealers.html/

Prices for Lanos and Sens take a start from 71 680 UAH and 58 880 UAH respectively.

Detailed information about ZAZ brand is found at the official site of UkrAVTO Corporation www.ukravto.ua or at the official site of distribution company Avtozaz-Service www.lanos-ua.com

For detailed information about action details please contact sales consultants at ZAZ dealership or hotline experts 0800500233. Fixed location phone calls are free within the territory of Ukraine.


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