New UkrAVTO refuelling station has been opened at Stolychne Road

New UkrAVTO refuelling station has been opened at Stolychne Road

Today Kyiv hosted the opening ceremony of new modern UkrAVTO refueling station at Stolychne Road.

New refueling complex is located opposite the automobile centre at Stolychne Road. It is the biggest automotive sales centre in Kyiv representing such brands as: Mercedes-Benz, Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge, Cadillac, Toyota, Kia, Opel, Chevrolet, Chery, Lada and Lanos.

"We are planning to keep on investing in UkrAVTO petrol network, as run on premium-class fuel is steadily growing in the country”, says Andriy Salo, director of UkrAVTO petrol network.

Despite the fact that our target group is primarily luxury cars, which require high-qualified and expensive maintenance, UkrAVTO fuel becomes more and more popular with consumers of C class thanks to consistent high quality. Fuel of UkrAVTO petrol network is the best luxury fuel produced exclusively in Europe and meeting the highest requirements of Euro5. UkrAVTO fuel is the key to longevity and perfect work of the most demanding engines."

Refueling complex at Stolychne Road offers only European fuel of high quality by Lithuanian producer JSC ORLEN Lietuva as well as other UkrAVTO petrol stations. The range of petrochemical product includes 4 types of fuel: gasoline A-95, A-95 +, A-98 + and Diesel +.

In addition to wide range of petrochemical products, new UkrAVTO petrol station offers its customers servicing of round-the-clock shop. Here you can purchase essential commodities as well as relax and drink a cup of coffee.



UkrAVTO refueling station network is the only oil trading company in Ukraine, offering only premium high-octane fuel by European producers. Lithuanian oil refinery by JSC ORLEN Lietuva producer meets the highest standards of quality and thus is well known in many countries. It enjoys wide popularity in Ukraine with people who appreciate their car. For additional information please visit www.azk.ukravto.ua

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