SIA 2011 represented by new service programmes of UkrAVTO Corporation and new sales network of ZIP AVTO

SIA 2011 represented by new service programmes of UkrAVTO Corporation and new sales network of ZIP AVTO


UkrAVTO press conference was held on the 26th of May as part of Kyiv International Motor Show SIA 2011. It covered the development of servicing and sales of spare parts. The participants of conference informed reporters about new advanced means of cooperation with consumers as to the servicing, as well as opening of spare parts network named ZIP-Market.

Deputy Chairman for service and spare parts Olexandr Fedorov represented quite a few positive changes and innovations in the field of service centers of UkrAVTO Corporation.

"We have good news for owners of Opel and Chevrolet as part of scheduled maintenance, " Olexander Fedorov told the reporters. "Maintenance costs reduced upon average at 20% by optimizing the mandatory list of activities of car producer and now this service has become more accessible for our customers. "

New software product Aurora was launched this year at UkrAVTO service network. It was directed both at improving the level of customer service and saving their time. Now thanks to this innovation, the customer doesn’t have to wait for service estimation, take the car to insurance company and wait for expert estimation in the case of car refurbishment. The stated product is an online module, which is available for Internet users at any time and place.

According to Olexandr Fedorov, UkrAVTO Corporation is cooperating now with leading banks of the country to create a joint banking product, intended for payment of servicing at service stations of UkrAVTO Corporation. This enables individuals to have their vehicles efficiently repaired.

Company ZIP AVTO as a subsidiary of UkrAVTO Corporation is the largest distributor of spare parts and accessories for motor vehicles in the country. ZIP AVTO announced about the launch of a new project associated with the expansion of retail network.

The key direction is the opening of new sales network named ZIP Market. Another means of the development of spare parts sales will be the launch of online shop.

"ZIP Market sales network is to be the most extensive one in the country, " CEO of ZIP AVTO Volodymyr Rudakov told at the conference. More than 300 items of spare parts and accessories from the world known manufacturers are represented at our sales network. Customers can find now all necessary spare parts for their vehicles at sales centres of UkrAVTO Corporation. In addition ZIP Market sales network will be a subject to loyalty program that enables all cardholders CarMan@CarWoman to receive discounts at ZIP Market sales network.


UkrAVTO Corporation owns the most extensive service network of more than 200 service stations all over the country. Among them are authorized branded stations and universal service stations. UkrAVTO service centres are equipped with the latest technological equipment and service technicians are real experts, disposing of years of experience. More than one million of UkrAVTO customers are satisfied with the level of our service. 

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