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Vehicles deliveries for export to “near abroad” and foreign countries are one of important index of sales of the corporation and CJSC “ZAZ”. Maximum volume of export shipments was reached in 2008 – over 72 000 vehicles and buses of different modifications were shipped for export.

UkrAVTO Corporation strives for increasing its presence at foreign markets and is always ready for studying potentialities of vehicles delivery for export.


Vehicles, manufactured at the Zaporizhia Automobile Building Plant by method of full-scale production, are proposed to potential buyers of Ukrainian vehicles.



lanos sedan

Exterior appearance of this vehicle was developed by ItalDesign company in a style of biodesign. It is notable by its even lines and edges chamfered to the maximum, which fact improved active safety to the utmost. Passenger compartment is equipped with a range of additional elements, contributing to the comfort of passengers. On the instrument panel there are tachometers, digital clocks, pulling out glass-holders, 4-channel audio system, small compartments for small stuff and on the floor there are handles for remote opening of trunk lid and fuel filler door. Rear seats have back foldable at the rate of 60/40, allowing to transport different long things and one more passenger behind. Volume of the luggage compartment makes up 322-958 L.

Passive safety of the vehicle is well thought-out and ensured by inertia safety belts for all seats, driver’s airbag, additional reinforcements under the instrument panel and in all doors of the vehicle.

Vehicle is available with 3 types of engines, having displacement of 1,3; 1,5; 1,6 L., and equipped with 5-speed manual gear box; compliance with the emission regulations Euro 2, Euro 3 and Euro 4 is ensured for all engine types.

Chassis of the vehicle is notable by quite big stroke and well selected efforts of shock absorbers, ensuring good steerability and smooth running, as well as comfort for passengers.



ZAZ Lanos hatchback

lanos hatch1


5-door Hatchback is a modification of the standard Lanos notchback vehicle. Design of vehicle body is unified as much as possible with the sedan. Basic difference is availability of tailgate and shorter rear overhang, which make the vehicle more dynamic and universal in operation.

Vehicle is equipped with all options of sedan and additionally has electric wiper and washer of the tailgate. Body has quite big tailgate, which, in combination with the folded rear seats, allows transporting cargo, which cannot be loaded into sedan. Volume of luggage compartment makes up 250-886 L. Thus, the vehicle with such a body type is more universal one and that is why it recently became very popular.

Vehicle is most popular with young people, as owing to the lesser weight it has better dynamics of acceleration and braking.



ZAZ Lanos Pick-Up


lanos vagon

Lanos Van is a cargo modification designed and produced by CJSC «ZAZ» on the platform of Lanos sedan vehicle. Vehicle can be equipped with two types of engines, having displacement of 1,3 L. and 1,5 L., meeting emission regulations Euro 2 and Euro 3; it also has enhanced rear suspension. Spare wheel is located behind the passenger seat back and in case of wheel replacement it is not necessary to unload cargo from the luggage compartment for taking out the spare wheel. Luggage compartment is separated from the passenger compartment by rigid partition wall, which is upholstered. Doors of luggage compartment are made of glass-fiber material; they are swinging and can be fixed in open condition at 90 and 180 degrees. Length and distance between the wheelhouses allow loading the cargo on a Euro-pallet.


i van

Bus I-VAN А07А/А1 is manufactured in two options – urban bus (3 rows of sets) and suburban bus (4 rows of sets). It is possible to equip bus with soft and semi-soft seats, i.e. with different upholstery.  Bus has monocoque body type based on ТАТА chassis. Braking system is additionally equipped with ABS, which enhances its active safety. Lower part of the bus is made of zinc-coated sheet. Passenger compartment has closed heating system with the pre-heater WЕBАSТО.


I-VAN A10C31



A10C31 – medium class bus with low floor level for suburban traffic. Bus has monocoque body type. All glasses are glued in, which fact increases the body stiffness and durability and contributes to an attractive appearance. Pneumatic adjustable suspension can maintain ground clearance independently of the load.  Passenger compartment of A10C31 is designated for 62 passengers, including 24 seating places. A10С31 is equipped with the modern and reliable aggregates: engine DEUTZ Euro-3, which can be equipped with manual gearbox ZF and clutch ZF Sachs or automatic gearbox, rear axle RABA,  steering booster ZF Servocom, brake system KNORR BREMSE; disc brakes on front axle and drum brakes on rear axle are equipped with ABS.

Ergonomic driver seat on pneumatic cushions made by ISRI is equipped with head-rest, safety belt and several adjusting options, which, in the combination with adjustable steering column, make it possible for the driver to sit comfortably while driving.




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